Stress will also weaken your immune system so it would be best that you look for other ways to relive that stress. Medications like oral contraceptives are also known to trigger these infections. These agents must be applied directly onto the affected area. One such is to avoid wearing tight fitting clothes and undergarments. The tampon and napkin should be changed regularly. Cotton is best material to choose for clothes and undergarments. Another excellent way to cure yeast infection is living a healthy lifestyle. Always be careful be with your things and observe cleanliness at all times. All you have to do is do some research work and have some consultations with your doctor before doing anything else. The problem is when they multiply fast too fast. Avoid Anti-bacterial polyester yarns alcohol and smoking. You must drink it 6 times a day including after meals. Tannins from tea, yogurt, and grape seed extract are also good ways to cure yeast infection. Avoid taking bubble baths for a long duration and avoid using any perfumes or oils in your bath. Another natural way to treat yeast infection is the application of natural antifungal agents, such as dilute tree oil, garlic, and extra virgin coconut oil. . On the other hand, licorice helps stimulate hormones without any side effects. The best way to cure yeast infection is to go natural. Electrolytes help restore the balance of natural flora in your body. These things will surely weaken your immune system, which in turn, is the perfect setting for the growth of the fungus causing the yeast infection. They are present in our bodies to aid the process of digestion and also to keep other microorganisms in check. Also, avoid taking in drugs. This infection is not caused by an invasion of foreign bacteria or virus. When going swimming, it is necessary to change out from the wet suit as quickly as possible. Other drugs that must be avoided are birth control medications, steroids, and immunosuppressants. It helps release steroids that can kill the fungus. The drugs might kill bacteria that help keep the growth of the fungus that cause the growth of yeast infection in proportion. Some lifestyle changes go a long way in preventing a yeast infection. The best cure is prevention.Yeast infection is one of the most common diseases affecting millions of people. It is caused by the abnormal growth of fungus that lives naturally in our body. These medicines often cannot distinguish the good bacteria from the bad bacteria. This steroid is not harmful to estrogen as well. If this type of bacteria is killed, then there would be overgrowth instead. Taking electrolyte drinks and licorice will also help cure yeast infection. They are very effective and work all the time. This is when the infection starts. This infection is very treatable but it must be done immediately because it can cause permanent damage or even death. It is important to avoid using perfumed and dyed toilet paper and tampons. However, these drugs will often make the infection worse by spreading the fungus. This can be achieved through good hygiene. These are just some examples of natural cures that can help your body fight off yeast infection. Normally, doctors would prescribe you topical ointments or tablets that can be bought from local drugstores. When wiping after relieving yourself, it is essential to move from front to the back.