The simple truth that no one wants to admit is that the key to weight loss and maintaining it is to just eat less. If you do as I suggested above and keep your portions limited to the size of your palm you will not overeat. When I say breakfast, I mean a real breakfast not donuts and pastries! Eat a healthy breakfast like oatmeal and fruit instead. Don't feel like you have to eat everything on your plate either, if you are full just save it and eat later. The purpose is twofold, you will feel fuller plus it will flush toxins and keep your body flushed of toxins. Get rid of the giant plates. All of these things are devoid of nutritional value and contain only empty calories. Make a commitment to stay off these things for a full year and you will be surprised by the change in your weight. Be aware of the foods that you turn to when you are upset or stressed out. One of the easiest things to do to start is to just eat smaller portions but include a balance of protein, fat, and fiber in every meal. Once you get into it you will love it because it will be nowhere near as restrictive as the diets you may have Fire retardant polyester yarn followed in the past. Never eat until you are totally stuffed. It may sound like I ma over simplifying things but it really is not that difficult. Don't do like many on diets and skip breakfast.Yo-yo, back and forth, roller coaster, whatever you call it the back and forth game of losing and gaining weight back can be irritating at the least and downright depressing at the worst. Always drink a couple of glasses of water with every meal as well as drinking water in between other meals. Do something physical instead of using food as a quick fix for an emotional situation. The fact of the matter is that it is not any more difficult to follow a healthy lifestyle of eating than it is to follow any of the fad diets out today. Almost everyone has a vice. Instead of grabbing a pizza and a six pack of beer go for a walk or hop on a bike and go for a ride. Your meal should be approximately the size of the open palm of your hand. Pick something to get rid of. You shouldn't feel like you just had Thanksgiving Dinner every time you sit down to a meal. It could be having a beer or two or a glass of wine, or sodas. Breakfast is crucial to success in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Don't get into the habit of counting calories.