When they arrive, collect all the pictures and tape them to a poster Polyester functional yarns board. With a sharpie, number each jar 1 8 (on the lid or with a sticker, whatever you prefer). This will definitely get the conversation rolling and break the ice! WHO S THAT BEAUTIFUL BABY? This game requires a little planning ahead by asking each guest to bring a baby picture of themselves to the shower. Purchase a ball of yarn and pass it around to each guest, having them cut off a piece of yarn which they think equals the size of the expectant mother s belly. The object of the game is to guess the circumference of the mom to be s belly. With this variety in guests and interests, it is a good idea to have a multitude of games which are fun and lighthearted, and easy for anyone to play. Buy eight jars of baby food and remove the labels. One, have the mom to be guess who each picture is. Or, have all the guests guess, either taking turns or shouting out answers. Now, let the fun begin! Each guest tastes every jar of baby food and must write down what type of food it is. Set up a craft table on the side and stock it with enough basic white one piece snapup so that every guest can have one. From here, the game can be played in two ways. First, make sure the prizes are small. A nice bar of soap, some chocolates, or a candle are great options. This is a craft that will get everyone talking and can go on throughout the entire shower! TINY TOTS TASTE TEST This game is super fun, and one of my favorite ways to get a baby shower going. Choose a few of your favorites from the list of games, and you can be sure the party will be a hit! ORIGINAL ONE PIECE SNAPUP This is one of my favorite ideas, as it is a craft that can be done on the side while another game is being played. The prize goes to whoever guessed the closest! These games are sure to be fun and get everyone involved! Although it is often fun to include prizes, we all know that this can get expensive. If you would like to have more prizes, you can always ask each guest to bring a small wrapped gift (under five or ten dollars) and pass these out to each winner. This can be a daunting task, especially when the guest list can include everyone from the crazy college roommate to the eighty year old grandmother. At the end, see who got the most correct and award them with a prize. No matter your budget, there are ways to make it work! . Prizes are not a requirement, but if you would like to do so there are several options. Having games prepared in advance will also keep the conversation flowing and ensure that everyone is having a good time, leaving you time to relax and enjoy the party. Using fabric paint, have each guest decorate it in any way they choose. This is fun and relaxing, and many people enjoy it since they get to be creative! To help with the painting process, slip the snapup over a piece of cardboard. This ensures that the paint will not bleed and it makes it easier to draw on. Pass out a spoon, pen, and a small piece of paper to each person at the party and have them number their paper from one to eight. Once everyone has cut their piece of yarn, wrap each one around her waist. It is always fun to take a walk down memory lane, and this game will get everyone talking! YOU THINK I M HOW BIG? This game is sure to get everyone giggling.When your best friend, sister, or daughter is pregnant, you might be the lucky (or slightly stressed out) one asked to throw her baby shower.