At the end of your diet you will look thinner but chances are you will not be feeling good. The prospect of giving up high carbohydrate food and fatty meals is something you cannot handle, but giving up all food for a very short time seems doable. If you really are frustrated with being overweight or disgusted with the amount of junk food, caffeine and alcohol you consume, a little research into exactly what a healthy eating plan is might inspire you to make efforts in the right direction. If your daily diet contains around thirty to forty grams of fiber, you will be doing your digestive system more good on a daily basis than a periodic detox or colon cleanse. One essential part of a healthy diet is fiber. If you think that you won't ever be able to give up junk food, chocolate or coffee, the truth is if you eat healthy food on a regular basis you can afford to indulge in the occasional treat. Fad diets are designed for people who feel unable to discipline themselves while their body repairs itself. You won't be carrying any food around in your body, you will lose some weight due to dehydration and loss of muscle. If you include regular drinks of water throughout the day you will be flushing your system naturally without any harmful side effects. But nothing is ever that simple.To people anxious to lose weight detox diets seem like an attractive proposition. The fact is, the best way to lose weight and keep it lost is to start on a healthy diet and exercise regime and keep on it. You endure hunger for a few days, lose a substantial amount of pounds, and try to eat healthy after the diet. You can also trick your cravings by drinking decaf coffee or eating dark chocolate which is low in sugar. What's the attraction of a detox diet? Basically it's the idea that no matter how hard it is to go without food, you can count the days till you can eat your favorite foods again. . If you go on a detox diet you WILL lose weight, but not necessarily in a good way. And once you Polyester yarns for knitting go off the diet, the weight goes back on. There are also healthy snacks you can make or buy that will substitute for sweets and crisps. Nothing to it.