However, citrus juices should not be used during the fast except for a small amount of lemon juice in water. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables with some whole grains and protein. The first step to a healthy colon is a healthy diet. It may take a number of sessions to completely clean out the colon using this method and it is recommended that clients drink a lot of water and rest after each session. There is not a lot of point going on a juice fast, for example, and ending it with a Big Mac. As a result, they do not make having a healthy colon a priority. Eczema often heals along with a number of ailments. Herbal Detox Supplements There are a number of good quality herbal detox products on the market. It is done in a professional environment by a practitioner. Reintroduce foods gradually, starting with Polyester dope dyed fiber soups and raw vegetables. These juices also help to cleanse the blood of toxins that are released during the fast. Cleansing the colon must therefore begin with diet. A natural, healthy diet will go a long way towards keeping your colon clean. If you cleanse your colon, you cleanse your body. It can be directly linked to adult diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and colon related illnesses amongst other health issues. Countries that rarely saw these problems are seeing a dramatic increase in them. Many people report an increased sense of well being after a colon cleanse. The common factor is the Standard American Diet (S. Drink plenty of fresh water. These herbal combinations often include fiber when in the powdered form. They may also include liver support herbs such as milk thistle so that toxins can more easily be eliminated from the body.A. This helps to get the colon moving properly.; and sad, it is). The American diet has spread across the world and with it a plague of illness. Avoid processed and fast foods as well as all soft drinks. The simple decision to cleanse your colon can change your whole life for the better. The most common and effective approaches to colon cleansing are juice fasting, herbal detox supplements and colon hydrotherapy. Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonic Irrigation) This colon cleanse method involves washing out the colon by inserting a hose into the rectum and flushing it out with warm water. Juice Fasting Combinations of juices including beetroot, celery, carrot and apple are successfully used to flush out the colon while still providing nutrition. Long term symptoms often disappear or are reduced.D. However, if you have been eating a low fiber, highly processed diet, you will benefit from a complete, initial colon cleanse. This is because some toxins are released into the bloodstream as a result of the process. A seven day juice fast is usually adequate to clean out the colon.Most people are unaware of how important their colon is to their health. It is a high fat, high sugar, low fiber diet that lacks nutrition.